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Just type in a search to the right and hit search button to search google and yahoo in opposing frames!

Syncrisis (dictionary)

\Syn"cri*sis\, n. A figure of speech in which opposite things or persons are compared.

On this site ( we allow you to search the internet using the top 200 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc) & searchable sites laid out side by side for comparing the top 50 results. It can be handy to search Google & Yahoo at the same time on the same page (same window). This is a free & powerful tool/service for metabrowsing (view more than a single Web page at a time inside a single display unit/monitor).


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This tool is highly customizable so you can personalize settings, themes and your favorite websites (either dynamic searches configured to work with performed searches or static pages). Demos: default/normal, text to speech synthesis, bilingual, other language, 25 categories (ex: medical, shopping, social media, jobs or children or torrents or combined), add custom searches/pages (tool to help find thousands) custom left page, custom left search, custom right page, custom right search, both left/right custom pages, personalized color theme (background image change), added favorites (tool used to help get favelet codes), dual Google (compare 2 different search terms), safe for kids version, search any TLD (.mil, .gov, .org, .edu, .xxx, .jobs, .fm, .tv, .md, .ca, .us, .uk), presearch, hide a page, 4 frames presearcher, dual Google (can be done with any searchable sites, demo), make any site searchable as you view it live, search any site/domain and other hidden modes (single, lite, safe, split, mens, etc). As you can see, this tool is very hackable (easy to customize). Drag & drop the bookmarklet once you have it configured the way you need for a handy start page. You can even install this as your default search engine for when you search in the address bar of your web browser. Make your own Google (or other search engines) combination searches (ex: bingle, aolgle, aolhoo, doggle, yahgle, binghoo). There are so many parameters that can be manipulated and half of them can be combined with each other making for thousands of search combinations possible!

Some unusual URL hacks are also available. #1: Make a custom URL that contains up to 3 search terms embedded like or (each word must be separated with a period/dot). #2: Just change the name of the presearch pages (use dash for spaces) like,,, (unlimited keywords).

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